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Ballycairn Farm is a family run farm situated in the hills above Carrickfergus in County Antrim.

Being in existence for over 40 years it is well stocked and boasts of a high standard of quality stock and husbandry.

Today the farm is a majority of Pedigree Limousin sired cattle. Award winning heifers and good stock bulls keep the Ballycairn name high in the pedigree cattle circles.
Also in stock are Pedigree Dorset Sheep, generating tasty lamb cuts renowned for flavouring the palette.

All animals are reared in a natural extensive environment with no force feeding or use of growth promoters. This allows all animals to grow progressively and reaps rewards in the taste of well matured succulent meat.
All animals are personally delivered to the local slaughter house ensuring any stress experienced by the animal is greatly reduced having no detrimental effect on the quality of the meat.

In recent years Ballycairn Limousins have won numerous awards at local agricultural shows in Northern Ireland. Judging of quality females and young handling competitions have proven to be a natural progression for great pedigree cattle.

In 2011 Ballycairn Limousins showed successfully at the Royal Ulster Agricultural Show at Balmoral. This award winning breeding shows traceability of quality produce from farm to shop to customer. A fantastic combination and one which reaps rewards for all customers province wide.

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