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Welcome to Jenkins Butchers Ballyclare.

Situated on the Main Street of Ballyclare in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Jenkins Butchers has been established for over 20 years bringing quality local produce to the people of Ballyclare and the surrounding towns.

Proprietor Stephen McGookin has been at Jenkins for the majority of these years. Stephen, a farmer's son from Carrickfergus was brought up working and contributing to the success of a family run farm. His experience in the raising of quality cattle and sheep is second to none. His high standards in animal husbandry ensure well cared for animals and he has a complete first hand knowledge of farming animals.

After completing his butchery apprenticeship and working in several butchery businesses, Stephen decided to invest in his own business – a currently established Jenkins Butchers. Still in existence today Stephen personally runs the now family business in Ballyclare and works closely with his father's Ballycairn Farm. The family run farm is one of the main suppliers to the shop today.

Stephen has seen many changes to the traditional butcher's shop in his career as a butcher. The changes to our High Street and the EU regulations to farming are all too clear in his mind today.
Stephen's view however still remains the same today. “Customers want to enjoy quality local produce. They want to enjoy succulent joints of meat, at affordable prices and support the local community here in Northern Ireland. Whether it be mouthwatering sirloin steaks, tender lamb cutlets or free range eggs, customers want to know they are eating the best first class local foods.”

Our newly improved Online Butcher's in Northern Ireland now delivers quality local produce to all customers throughout the province as well as serving existing loyal and new customers in Ballyclare and further afield.

Jenkins Butchers

Jenkins Butchers
41 Main Street, Ballyclare,
Co. Antrim, BT39 9AA

Tel: 028 9334 1822